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Friday, Mar. 02, 2007 @ 2:06 p.m.

I think I might be cursed. Sincerely, this has been the crappiest of crap weeks. It's the kind of week that makes you duck and cover until it's over. Please observe:

- I've had some lovely bouts of insomnia this week caused by
- a nasty hacking cough that came out of nowhere.
- See also: ennui and general feelings of malaise and "everyone hates me" syndrome.
- I realized my car's inspection is a month overdue
- I'm kind of broke too, due to
- my health insurance raising all my co-pays
- culminating in a $90 eye doctor appointment.
- Thanks, Anthem! Now I can't afford to actually buy the contacts I just got fitted for.
- Did I mention the abnormal cells?
- Yes, I have abnormalness going on in my lady parts and even though it's probably nothing, it still raises that scary little whisper of The Big C so,
- I was pleased add a lovely pap-happy appointment ($40!!) to my week because that's pleasant.

As a capper on the stupidest week ever, I was driving to work this morning and thinking about the crap week I'd had and how glad I was that it was practically over and also admiring the (finally) nice weather when BAM I get rear-ended. No, really. I got rear ended by the world's biggest Volvo. I almost laughed because of course, why not a car accident? That's just PERFECT.

The rear ender turned out to be a very nice lady and we were both shaking and sort of confused as to what to do, but I think it's going to be okay. My car is big and other than two bolt-shaped holes from her license plate, my bumper seems to have shaken it off with aplomb and my neck seems unlashed. I'm of course going to get an estimate and hopefully it's just cosmetic and I can get it fixed without much trouble. But still, damn.

I hope that's it. I hope next week I get, at the very least, a pony to make up for the utter crappiness of this week. I just can't take anymore of this. In an effort to change my karmaic downturn, here are some things that are super A++ working out for me:

1. My dream last night in which I found the other end of the Cutler Mailing System*. That was cool.

2. Marie Antoinette directed by Sofia Coppola. It's so, so, so pretty and has a pug in it. And good music. And it's pretty with all the clothes and shoes and Frenchy snacks and whatnot. See? It takes so little to make me happy.

3. IKEA. I am so completely okay with IKEA because they planned that whole entire store for people like me. Arrows point the way to go and all the information is on the tag, and they provide what you need to get what you need and how you need it. Sadly, they were out of a few things I needed, but that's okay. I still appreciate the organization and I really enjoy saying POANG chair. It's better if you say it like this: POE-AAAANGG, like it's a dirty sound rather than a nifty chair that confounds the cats.

4.She Got Up Off the Couch by Haven Kimmel. Shit, just Haven Kimmel herself makes me happy. If you haven't read A Girl Named Zippy please do so immediately without fail. Please. My favorite part is the chapter where she lists the things her father lost gambling, one of which is her "excellently small and nice" pony, Tim. I know! The best line in She Got Up Off the Couch is young Zip's reaction to being told that, not only does she have to go to church camp, she also has to wear a skirt and panty hose to chapel:

"I tried to make my heart speed up and kill me, the way rabbits could."

AWESOME. I actually hooted out loud when I read that and I'm not generally a hooting kind of girl. It's a deeply #1 book and I'll be sad when I'm finished reading it.

5. I am digging this haircut so much. I want it to be mine but it's a thing and I really need a front view. Anyway, could I do it, do you think? Is 35 too old for Louise Brooks bangs?

Okay, that's five things. I think that's about all the love I have for now, so keep your heads down kids and have a good weekend.

*See my last entry

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