Scared and Cold. Did I mention cold?
Thursday, Feb. 08, 2007 @ 3:35 p.m.

I know! I'm sorry! I suck so much. In my defense I've been startlingly busy at home and at work. Just crazy. Take for instance; you know how it's really really cold right now? Like, super crazy cold? Guess where Kate and I are going tomorrow? Chicago. Yay, because who wouldn't want to go to Chicago in February? I'm actually really freaking excited about it though and I think we'll have a good time. We're going because of this:

For The Love of Chocolate

But we'll also have some free time to go to the Art Institute or to shop or whatever. But dang, it's cold there. I don't think there are enough layers on earth to protect my delicate southern skin. I mean, it's pretty cold here but it's not cold cold. I feel like we're headed for the Arctic Circle.

Last weekend was pretty interesting. We had our Craft Mafia/Handmaidens show which was quite a success, though there was about 20 minutes of hell at the beginning of the day that made me think I was going to perish on the spot from stress. In the course of that 20 minutes I got to a) clean fresh, dripping graffiti off the back door of the gallery with cold water (causing hands to claw up from cold and also turn black from paint); b) watch as an overenthusiastic homeless couple started helping everyone bring in their stuff (in retrospect, this was pretty fabulous); and c) got yelled at by some random artist about the show that was currently hanging (not hers) and how we were going to completely destroy it. She was very shouty and in my face for no reason and is lucky I didn't punch her, especially considering the talk we'd all just had about the best way to protect that exact artwork. Sheesh.

Aside from another bad moment when the artist himself came in with his MOM to view the show that was now blocked by many vendors, it all turned out great. The artist's mom even bought something! Everyone was happy. If you care to know more, please go view the really cool photo montage on the RCM website:

http://w (it's got sound and you will need to be able to view Quicktime files.)

Alright, right quick before I go, am I the only one who's completely terrified by the cosmetics hard sell? I think those women smell my fear or something but I just went to buy some travel sized shampoo and barely escaped with my soul intact. (The only time this doesn't happen is if I'm at a counter with someone else. The hard-sellers pounce on my friend and ignore me like I'm a microscopic bug, even if I show eager interest in purchasing something.)

So here's what happened: I went to this salon nearby that recently started carrying Bumble & bumble stuff and I've not used the shampoo/conditioner products for a while. I asked the nice counter lady about one of them and she was all, "hold on! Someone go get Tammi!" Tammi came out, took a long cold look at my hair and demanded to know what I'd been using. I told her and she got a look of Deep Angry Concern. God, she was intense.

Basically, the deep conditioner I'm using is, um, drying out my hair and I'm DOING IT ALL WRONG. Everything wrong! Then she told me the eight things I needed to buy. And that I need to condition on TOP of the deep conditioner I already own.

Let me say that again slower: The deep mask conditioner I'm using is drying out my hair so I need to use ANOTHER conditioner on top of it to counteract the dryness. Have you. Ever. In. Your. LIFE.

She must have talked at me, with soul-searingly direct eye contact, for a solid five minutes. When she took a breath I lobbed my debit card at the counter lady and crab-scrambled backwards out of there. Holy shit.

What I ended up buying: thickening shampoo and conditioner, and a bottle of Prep. I'm still not sure what Prep is for, exactly. I kind of spaced out. It was my only defense to not get completely destroyed by her stare of doom. I sure hope it works whatever it is!

Okay kids, I need to work now and then I need to pack everything I own so my face doesn't fall off from all that fun wind they got in Chicago. I'll report back in full, never fear!

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