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Monday, Jan. 15, 2007 @ 3:44 p.m.

My weekend was outstanding. Sincerely, I know global warming is really super bad, but I can't get enough of 70 degree weekends in January. Saturday was spent catching up with Kate on Keen business and flyering for our new show:

(you should come! More info here.)

On Sunday it was possibly a more glorious day than Saturday and finally after many weeks off the bike I was free to go on the group mountain bike ride. We were out for two and a half hours and it was glorious. It was one of those days where everything clicks - the trails were in good shape, the weather was perfect, I felt strong and confident, and had a perfectly fantastic ride. I couldn't have asked for a better day.

I also celebrated my impending landmark birthday by purchasing jeans with a...wait for it...mid-rise. Yes indeed, I bought jeans that won't fling my ass out when I bend over or sit down; Jeans that don't send a little roll of muffin top over the waistband no matter what I do. Jeans that look good and I SWEAR are not a step in the direction of mom jeans. They were purchased at Banana Republic and were on sale to boot. I'm normally partial to the fabulousness of designer denim but I made an exception for these because, damn. They make my (enclosed) ass look pretty fine.

I think maybe 35 is the age where you start moving the rise back up and the hemline back down a little. I can't dress like I'm 20-something anymore because that was a long time ago. I still rock my outfits, but I'm trying to tone it down a hair and start mixing some classic in with the funky. I think it can be done without too much pain. I remember a time not too long ago when I deliberately didn't own the following: a purse, high heels, clothing from the Gap, a sweater made from anything besides cotton, clothing that wasn't black, maroon or grey. I still fear losing all my cool however and it's a fine line to figure out how to be funky without being "that woman." You know, the one you see out in public dressing way too young and faux-wacky and why oh why hasn't one of her friends quietly pulled her aside? I don't want to be that. Please someone tell me if I get like that, okay?

But, I definitely think my style has evolved over time and thank God because, dude, look around. So much of the population clearly doesn't even bother to look in the mirror before they leave for work. I'm not saying you should be a fashion model, I'm just saying this: 1) please make sure your clothes fit you properly and 2) if you've had it since the 80's it's time to donate. 3) Very important: if you're older than 12 you're too old to sport Disney anything and 4) holy God, that little X of thread is supposed to be removed from the pleats! It's not decorative! 5) No Crocs. Now now, not ever. NOT EVER. I don't even want to hear it. Lalalalala, you and your hideous plastic clogs have no place in my heart.

Wow, I didn't even know that's what I was going to write about today. See how I deflected any chatter about my birthday? I'm not sure how in the hell I'm going to be 35 tomorrow because I honestly still sometimes feel like I'm 15 years old and just faking it. I'm really not freaked out about getting older because I'm too busy freaking out about being a bona fide adult. Hopefully I'll get used to it one of these days.

So, monkeys, tomorrow think about me and pour a little of your forty on the ground in memory of my youth. (Poor Amblus has lost her youth but she's still really immature. How does that work anyway?)

Oh, just shut up and do it.

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