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Thursday, Jul. 07, 2005 @ 4:44 p.m.

I am back from Internet Dork Camp and man, let me tell you, it pretty much ruled. It ruled so much more than your weekend. It ruled a lot. It was a seriously great group of women, all of whom I know from online (none of whom was named LaFawnda) and, while I still love technology, I love these girls more:

Mayapple was the instigator and hostess with the mostest and she let us stay in her grandmother's awesome cabin on a lake complete with seventies-era decor. The cabin had this huge deck overlooking the lake and was just amazing:

The weekend was spent in the best way possible: eating, drinking, lounging, drinking, reading tabloids, boating, drinking, talking shit, boating while drinking:

swimming and eating some more. We also laughed and laughed like monkeys. It was that kind of weekend. We did go out the first night and during out travels we saw this amazing clown painting:

It was glittery y'all. GLITTERY. By the way, that look on my face is fear, not glee.

Our dear hostess also got semi-molested by a Neil Diamond impersonator after we convinced him it was her bachelorette party:

We spent a lot of time in the boat and in the water. Here I am pretending to be the best first mate ever:

And here some of us are in the water after being told about the freshwater sharks:

One thing I found amazing but didn't get a picture of was the most gigantic millipede I have ever seen. It was so big it was practically prehistoric and was just tootling around on the outside stairs. According to emiloo it looked "Like a banana with legs, y'all." I am easily impressed by wildlife.

On Sunday night we set fireworks off into the water. It's extremely satisfying to watch things blow up underwater. I didn't even know you could do that:

We did not by any means have a girlie pillow fight in our frilly nighties, though you're welcome to think so if it makes you feel better.

So now I'm back in the real world and it's not nearly as much fun. I feel ultra-sorry for London today. There's just nothing else I can say. I was listen to Idiot Radio this morning and all the callers were like "We ought t'go on over thar an' bomb them like they're bombin' us!" Well, dimwit, we kind of are, and surprise! It's not a good solution. Jesus.

To continue my summer trend of never updating, I'm off work next week and probably won't bother. However, that might change because Keen Designs is going to the Hanover Tomato Festival and I'm pretty sure the Crazy is planning on attending as well. I'll probably have some stories I need to tell.

Yes, Kenny and I have taken next week off so we can watch the mountain stages of the Tour de France at our leisure, while we eat breakfast. We don't have much planned for the week, which makes me happy. Kenny did mention painting the outside trim on the house which I though was a funny, funny joke. Oh, that Kenny!

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