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Wednesday, Jan. 07, 2004 @ 10:07 p.m.

I shake my fist at the sky, or rather, I cry bitter tears about what an ass my job is. My job has officially boarded a train to Low Moraleville. All that crap I said a while back about not wanting to post about the evil bits of my new job? Forget it. All bets are off, friends. I'm officially putting it out there, and then asking for some advice. I just won't be checking Diaryland from work anymore, and you'll know why in a minute.

So, to begin with, my boss is pretty much a weirdo. She'll be perkily nice one minute and then, in the same perky-friendly voice, say something really passive-aggressive and shitty.

Stupid Example #1: it drives her crazy that I hang my coat over my cube corner rather than hanging it in the hall by the back door. Drives her crazy, so I keep doing it. (Actually, I don't hang it in the hall because I have to run to turn the alarm off every morning and don't actually take my coat off until I reach my cube. NOT THAT IT SHOULD MATTER.) Who fucking cares about this kind of thing? Then, the other day she comes over with this crappy cube-hook and snits "This is for your coat since you obviously don't like the coat hooks in the hall." Wah? This sort of thing is a daily occurrence, but it's nothing compared to EVERYTHING ELSE.

Stupid Example #2: I'm apparently the receptionist now? The other "overhead" employee is about to go on maternity leave, so I now have to answer the main line, plus 6 to 8 client lines (which each have to be answered as if we're the client- "Good morning, Greater Podunk Economic Development Association") AND, I have to answer the main 800 line for an ENTIRE STATE, AND NOT THE ONE I LIVE IN. The publish the number everywhere and I have to tell people IN ANOTHER STATE how to get a business license or a copy of their child support payment history. It's a total nightmare. I also answer dippy questions through a live chat on the state's website all day. And oh yeah, I also have to do my own job as well.

Why does this kind of thing happen to me? Why can't I just have a normal job?

Stupid Example #3: My health insurance ended Dec 31st and I made it very clear a LONG time ago that I wanted to enroll in my company's insurance plan as soon as my 90 day trial was up. I've been pestering my co-worker who's job includes HR and office manager-y stuff all month about getting the forms for me etc.

When did I get forms? Dec. 30th. Nice. Anyway, I sat down with co-worker and my boss to discuss my insurance and it turns out I am now enrolled, but just barely. The actual enrollment period isn't until April, but she pulled some strings to get me in and somehow I have to pay double for the next two pay periods, which makes me breathless with it's suck. Also, my boss was all "you owe Co-worker a huge favor for doing that for you." I just gaped at them. Dude, what? I'm supposed to be grateful because she did her freaking job and not very well?

Stupid Example #4: During the same meeting, apropos of nothing, my boss gleefully mentions that she just dropped SIX GRAND on Internet tracking software so she can see everything we do online. This means no email, no Jane forums, no Diaryland, no nothing. Goddamn, will she be able to see IN my email? Will she have access to passwords?

This is the woman who's so worried about money that she was using an ex-employee's free college Hoovers subscription and refused to renew when it expired this week because (and I quote) "I don't have the $6,000 to pay for it. Do you?" Perhaps you can use some of your freaking SPY BUDGET, lady. She also makes us spy on each other, which I detest. I think I need to find a new job, but I've only been there for three months. I'm fucked. Completely fucked.

So, advice. Do I start looking for a new job now, knowing how bad this is going to look on my resume, or do I suck it up and try to stay for the year? If it helps, I only get six paid days off a year. That's right, six. That includes vacation and sick days. Yes, I said six.

I'm annoyed just looking at this entry. I'm going to bed, where I'm going to continue with my obsessive reading of "The Fellowship of the Rings". My descent into true dorkdom has begun. What character should I dress as for the Con?

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