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Tuesday, Jun. 17, 2003 @ 3:30 p.m.

Ah, here I am, back in temp land. And it's raining. What else would it do? My weekend was lovely- filled with biking and swimming (if by swimming I mean blissfully floating around in Kate's parents pool) and reading and eating. I also went to Christina and Hal's party and had a lovely time. You know, weekend stuff.

Yesterday, I called in sick and worked in the office-where-I-interviewed. Only one other person was there and I spent the day helping her out and boding over Justin Timberlake. Then much later, in a Luxolive-and-the-rogue-tampon moment, I realized that I'd commented that the 'Justified' album was "like little white girl crack", and that this might have sounded vaguely racist. Great. Does it sound racist? I was just making a joke about his demographic and how the album is addictive. Not a racist! Ugh. Nothing I can do. Moving on!

Another awkward moment came when I was answering the phone calls. A girl called and asked for the owner (who wasn't there). I took a message, and it seems she'd interviewed for the job (MY JOB) and was just calling to check status and say she was still interested. Oops? I took a message and didn't crumble it up and throw it away accidentally. Though I wanted to. I wonder if she sent a hand-written thank you note? I did. I DID AND I WIN. SO THERE, LITTLE MISS FOLLOW-UP CALL.

Anyway, I'm trying to not get too excited about the possibility of this job because it will be that much more crushing if I don't get it. Not excited at all. Cool as a cucumber. Also, not racist. Hire me!


Half-Assed Movie Reviews.

Rentals this weekend included:

The Guru
Surprisingly good! It had elements of Bollywood and 'Grease', Heather Graham as a porn star, and some silly, but fun, song and dance numbers. Really, it was much better than I was expecting and the lead, Jimi Mistry, was so refreshingly genuine that the film was sweet without being saccharine. It was a fun surprise.

Wow, I can see why Salma Hayek got an Oscar nomination for this- she was fantastic. I didn't know much about Frida Kahlo personally, but I'd always loved her paintings, so the story of her life was riveting and surprising. This film was also stunning visually and managed to bring her art alive on the screen. I really enjoyed it.


DEET Can't Protect From Stupidity.

Being as I frolic in the woods on a regular basis and often get bitten by various bugs, I've become convinced that I'll be contracting West Nile Virus or Monkeypox any day now. I decided perhaps I should protect myself and buy some insect repellant.

I went to CVS and surveyed the repellant choices. Some brands were "natural" (which translates to "doesn't work") and the stuff that wasn't natural had big orange stickers on it that proclaimed: "CONTAINS DEET!" DEET? What the hell is DEET? What sort of cancer does it cause? Will it eat through my skin? More importantly, will it keep the mosquitoes away from me?

I had to pick up a prescription, so I decided to ask the pharmacist, knower of all, about the potential dangers of DEET. Surprise! The usual bland pharmacist had been replace with Cute Young Male pharmacist, which made me pause, but whatever, maybe he's the sporting type and knows all about this DEET stuff.

Unfortunately, the second I opened my mouth, I was struck with another disease: Mentally-12-years-old-jokey-girl-who-can't-shut-her-face-in-front-of-a-cute-boy. (sorry Kenny.) The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hi, so I need repellent and it's got this stuff, and, um, can you tell me about DEET? Like, will it kill me?

Him: Well...

Me: Or, will it kill mosquitoes, and then kill me?

Him: I think...

Me: And it's got these non-warning warning labels. "CONTAINS DEET!" And I'm not sure what I'm being warned about.

Him: I...

Me: Because, I'm sure I'm going to get West Nile Virus any day now, so I have to weigh my options.

Him: Well...

Me: Because, you know, it's all going to kill me eventually, one way or another, right?

Him: Ha, well..

Me: What'll it be? The pesticides? The lead paint? The DEET? Ha hahhahaha SNORT ha!

Him: I don't think the DEET will hurt you. Just follow the package instructions.

Me: Okay, thanks. Wow, I just made a little snorty noise there, didn't I? (Yes, I actually SAID THAT TO HIM.)

Him: Uh, that's okay.

Me: Okay, thanks! (flees.)


Why-Am-I-Still-Talking Links.

How big a geek are you? Take the Geek Test and find out. I was shocked to discover I'm only 9.8% geek. That can't be right! I've been listening to the Buffy musical soundtrack non-stop! I think my lack of role-playing participation really hurt my score.

Now that you're finished with the Geek Test, you can go play the World's smallest Pong game. Geek.
(both via web-goddess)

Here's a shiny happy Deet fact sheet. Not dangerous! We promise! Aaaaaand here's some of what I suspected: DEET causes brain damage.

Squeee!! Bowie Announces World Tour. Squeee!

**Bonus geek points if you know who said the journal title quote!**

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