World! Of! Pain!
Monday, Apr. 28, 2003 @ 3:55 p.m.

Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow? Ow. Also, Ow. In conclusion, OW.

I am in a world of pain. World! Of! Pain! I went mountain biking yesterday with a new bike buddy (who drove 1 1/2 hours to meet me) and 20 minutes into the ride I went into a log obstacle instead of over it and I did a classic endo, which means I flew over the handlebars in a spectacular way and landed on my right arm and, uh, on my face.

My face is fine but my right arm is completely jacked. I can only move it in a few specific ways, anything beyond that brings Massive Pain. It was great fun pushing my bike up through the woods to the parking lot while trying not to pass out and/or puke (I managed to do neither). Yay, mountain biking is FUN! I wanted to cry but did not cry because there is no crying in mountain biking.

Then, I woke up this morning to discover that the rest of my body had joined the party of pain. I've basically pulled every muscle on the right side of my body, and a few on the left side too. Moving my arm? Hurts. Standing? Hurts. Walking? Hurts. Turning my head? Hurts. Driving? Hurts. Washing my hair? Hurts. I feel awful.

I'm so annoyed. I have no idea how long my arm's going to be out of commission and it pretty much means I cannot bike until further notice. Lovely. The one really fun and stress-relieving activity I have is not an option. *sob*

Sobbing? Hurts.

Saturday was nice though. I went to lunch with Kate and Justin and went to see Noah's installation, which was really lovely. He'd hung giant fortune-cookie fortunes from the ceiling, against a background of Chinese red. You had to wander among the fortunes and tilt your head to read each one. It's was very self-contemplative and had a meditative quality to it.

Saturday night I made pasta for dinner and K and I watched Moonlight Mile which I wasn't sure about at first, but ended up really liking. However, I proved my total Bowie-geekness by pointing out that the Bowie song ("Sweet Head") playing on the jukebox in the movie was an un-released single at the time the movie took place.


More Book Challengey Stuff.

Luxolive is going to read everything on my list that she hasn't already read (8 of them!) and in return I'll read Rule of the Bone by Russell Banks and My Antonia by Willa Cather.

brkfstfnys made a second suggestion of The Mysteries of Pittsburgh by Michael Chabon, since I'd already read The Princess Bride.

Noah suggested a bunch of books, including Slapstick by Kurt Vonnegut, which I'm going to read because I've never read any Vonnegut. Shut up, I know. I said I know. Sheesh. Noah's going to read Harriet The Spy, as soon as I lend him my copy.

I think I'll make a separate page for this book thing, just so I can keep track of what I have to read and what I've already read. Okay then.


File Under: Things Which Annoy.

I'm increasingly annoyed by food items, which are marketed as healthy, but are essentially crap. Breakfast items seem to be big in this category: granola bars, breakfast bars, milk and cereal bars and "healthy" cereal. All crap. I started reading labels back when I changed my eating habits and now I chose my cereal by the follow criteria: high fiber content, low sugar content, lack of partially hydrogenated oils. I was shocked by how few cereals meet my standards. Very few of them come even close, even though they're marketed as healthy.

Then, the other night I saw a commercial for a fresh new horror in convenience food: Yoplait Nouriche™, which is billed as "A delicious, non-fat yogurt smoothie that's got the protein, vitamins and minerals you want." Sounds, fine, right? I checked the label and found that one 11oz serving has 46 grams of sugar. 46 grams = 11 1/2 teaspoons. Nice try, Yoplait, and not surprising if you consider that the average Yoplait yogurt contains anywhere from 27-31 grams of sugar.

It's not even that I think sugar is the root of all evil, I just get pissed off when these products, marketed as wholesome and healthy, have as much sugar as a candy bar or a soda. Plus, Yoplait Nouriche™ just sounds kinda nasty, don't you think? Grab a Snickers™ instead, it's satisfies or something.


Links about Stuff.

Funyuns Still Outselling Responsibilityuns

Fametracker brings you the Least-Essential Summer Movies. Thanks to Noah for finding this for me!

Here's an article about 'Manor House', which starts tonight!

When I first saw the commercial for 'Eloise at the Plaza', I let out an outraged "NOoooo!" Then I watched a little bit of it and I stand by my original reaction. That child was not Eloise, and Memo to Disney: Please stop fucking with my childhood favorites. Just cut it out. I'll admit, they did get Nanny and Weenie (Eee! Pug!) right, but Eloise? Nope, sorry, unacceptable.

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